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Dear Kevin,

Many thanks for all your work in organizing our party of 18 to Europe and back. Your guidance and direction in making choices was spot on. Your organizational skills and detail management kept the planning on track. The extras you negotiated surprised and delighted us at every step. It was the trip of a lifetime and we can’t thank you enough.

It's been a SPECTACULAR trip. The itinerary could not have been more perfect. Thanks for taking such good care of us!

Maureen and Charlie Hoffman
St. Louis, MO
After their family trip to London and Paris 

Since I was a little girl I have wanted to go to Australia and hold a koala bear and my dream became reality in March of 2016. Three weeks, two countries, nine cities, and many excursions to plan while working full time became overwhelming very quickly. Then we met Kevin, who immediately made my blood pressure go down. He organized and planned our trip, including airline and hotels. He listened to our wants and needs and was always willing to check into and clarify all our questions. Kevin kept in touch with us throughout our vacation to let us know that flights were on time and hotels had been confirmed. We can’t thank Kevin enough for all of his attention to details and help throughout the planning and the trip itself. It was a pleasure working with him and I wouldn’t hesitate to call him again for a weekend excursion or another trip of a lifetime. Many thanks, Kevin!

Mary and Tom Pohlman
St. Louis, MO
After their trip to New Zealand and Australia

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[Working with Kevin was ] so incredibly necessary. Traveling in Europe from city to city can be really overwhelming and having Kevin help us with our trip planning made it enjoyable and less stressful. We were able to discuss with Kevin what we were looking to get out of our trip and he was able to customize a plan specifically for us. He was also just a text message away on standby for when we were traveling in the event we came across any issues or problems. 

Michael and Sari Priesand
Bronx, NY
After their honeymoon to Italy

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I just finished working with Kevin on the first donor trip COCA has ever taken, and am delighted to give him excellent reviews on all counts!  His planning, record keeping, attention to detail, willingness to roll with our punches and changes, attention to donors and their every whim, offering special touches, and calm, cool leadership was just outstanding! 

Pam Mandelker
Director of Advancement

You have been unendingly patient, professional, and proactive with the planning of this trip. It truly means so much that you are continuously willing to go above and beyond to help us meet COCA’s needs and the needs of our donors! You have presented us with opportunities and possibilities that we would never have been able to accomplish on our own.

You have been beyond great during this planning process. We really appreciate your extreme attention to detail, and your willingness to go above and beyond! 

Kathleen Dean
Assistant to the Executive Director

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We are home from our fabulous week abroad! Before the day got away, I wanted to thank you for everything. The Viceroy was such a treat! Everything went so smoothly and it was so nice to have your alerts on travel days, letting us know gate and departure time information. We aren't accustomed to such conveniences! And your extras for us at the properties were not necessary, but very much appreciated.

Melissa Fink
St. Louis, MO
After her trip to St Maartin and Anguilla

Ann and I both want to thank you very much for all of your work on our behalf.  You made the process of comparing cruises, cruise lines, hotels, flights and excursions so much easier than if we'd have tried to do it alone.  And, your help in getting us rerouted on the flights to Europe when we had the weather related flight problems and in watching over the lostluggage process was wonderful, we are very appreciative.

Some thoughts:

  • Thank you for your involvement on the rocky start with the weather related flight problems as we departed.  Your work got us there.
  • Although we arrived in Lisbon several hours later than planned, our ride/driver was there for us. The driver was great and very helpful, and the vehicle was comfortable, so that was great.
  • Our hotel in Lisbon was very nice and situated very well - we walked to most everything. The walking tour and tour guide were very good, we all enjoyed it a lot and we got a good feel for Lisbon.
  • In Rome, the highlight was the Colosseum tour; she was absolutely the best tour guide of the trip, and we all very much enjoyed her.

Bottom line of the entire trip: it was very very nice, very memorable, and we had a wonderful time.  

Tom Witthoft and Ann Apprill
Clive, IA
After their European cruise with extensions in Barcelona and Rome

We had a wonderful and exciting experience working with Kevin. He arranged everything for us; from airline choices to the flights.  Our hotel choices as well as tour arrangements, Kevin was directly involved. Kevin was ‘there’.  When we were at the airport, he emailed me to keep me updated and ask how we were doing. As we traveled from country to country, he was ‘there’ informing us as to travel changes and reminding us of our hotel arrangements. He contacted us directly when we were informed that Germany closed the borders to train, car and bus travel. I was on the phone and emailed with him a few days before our train trip and we had to make a choice of airlines and fares and times. Kevin was THERE and did everything for us including emailing me our tickets and then arranged for a credit to our credit card from the train. We did not have to worry about anything; Kevin handled it all. Keeping us in the loop, keeping us informed and following us with updates and emails to ask how we are! Kevin, was in a sense, with US on our trip.  His help and communication skills made our trip a real adventure. Kevin was into the details of our trip and we got to enjoy our trip. Kevin Dern, in my opinion, went above and beyond in working and helping us with our trip, from the planning to the implementation; from beginning to the end, Kevin was there for us.

Joe Rettman and Nora Sherwin
Shaker Heights, OH

After their trip to Poland, Austria, and Germany

We have been going thru our pictures of Barcelona and recapping our 5 day vacation. What a great trip it was - THANKS KEVIN DERN! We covered the city by land, air and sea!! Thanks to Kevin we were able to see all the beautiful and historic sites of this amazing old city with private tours and a helicopter ride. We also experienced the traditional culture in friendly surroundings, took an amazing hot air balloon over the countryside, toured the most wonderful vineyard, and sailed along the coast in a remarkable sail boat (Kevin even made sure I had my favorite scotch on board!). We saw so many things that we would not have been able to see without Kevin’s organizing and expertise. Great job Kevin - our trip was complete and truly memorable!!

Rick Passow and Angela Noder
Sheridan, IL
After their trip to Barcelona, Spain

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We all wanted to thank you for helping us plan and execute our "once in a lifetime dream family vacation". We had such an amazing time. The house was beyond our expectations and travel to a foreign country with 17 people went as smoothly as possible. Having the seating all together and personally arranged saved so much confusion and hassle. Having the same seats on the way home also great. Your help in obtaining local transportation was so appreciated. Moses, our bus driver, was a gem. We would have never thought of requesting a bus. The service was outstanding.  As you can tell the photographer did an amazing job with our family pictures. These will be treasured for many many years. We were so grateful for your experience and help.  Thank you again.

Ruth Grant
Safford, AZ

After her family trip to Puerto Vallarta


Kevin did a great job working within the confines of our travel criteria and delivered a spectacular property. He was able to negotiate a discount to the rack rate and extra amenities all of which we throughly enjoyed! He was prompt with replies and even checked in on is during our holiday which was nice.   Will for sure be using him again!!!

Katie J.
Chicago, IL
After her trip to Punta Cana

The trip you planned for us in Cancun was excellent! From the Aqua Hotel to the Real Cancun trip, everything went smoothly. We were always comforted to know that you were always a phone call or text away if we ran into any problems. This was our 3rd time to Hotel Aqua and the first time for my brother and sister in law, and we would all go back in a heartbeat!! We look forward to working with you again for our next trip!!

Kelli Buresh
Cedar Rapids, IA
After her family trip to Cancun


I really appreciate you checking in about our experience on the trip and working with you. Both were fantastic! We felt that the trip went very smoothly. The water taxi worked great and was quite a luxurious treat as a way to arrive in Venice late at night especially after such a long trip to get there. The tour of the Vatican was great and we were really glad we took your advice to do it. We went back through a couple of hours after our early-morning tour and the intensity of the crowds was impressive. We were glad to have had some quieter time first and a guide to help us appreciate it. 

And while our flight situation getting to London was a bit hectic/stressful, I really appreciated having your assistance and suggestions as we figured out how to deal with it. It was new for me to have someone helping us with that! We were happy to still get to London the same day, just a few hours later, which still gave us a couple of hours to spend in the city center.

You definitely made the planning and booking easy ahead of our trip and it was great knowing you were there if we needed anything while we were on the road. Thanks for everything that you did to help us have a great trip! 

Liz P. 
St. Louis, MO
After her honeymoon in Italy


Kevin's service is a travel requirement for us now.

You can spend hours coordinating flights, trains, transfers, hotels and tours, all the while not knowing if you're receiving the best value. Kevin made planning our honeymoon in Europe stress free and he made sure our experience was top notch throughout our entire vacation.

Thanks Kevin!

Alex and Sarah Costa
Boca Raton, FL

After their honeymoon in Italy


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all the work done in planning our recent trip. Not only did you find the perfect resort for us, you also monitored our plane travels.  

Unfortunately Holly had problems with airline connections which were not your fault.  You were diligent in following her progress and making alternative arrangements as needed so we could maximize our vacation time.

A job well done!!  I would not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends and associates.

Marc Goldfarb
St. Louis, MO

Kevin it was a great pleasure to work with you. Jamie and I had a fantastic time. The house was great well kept, in a good location, and the housekeeper did a wonderful job of keeping up with us. We traveled around the island, visited beach clubs on both the French and Dutch sides, went to Marigot often for dinner or shopping, and went to Grand Case one evening. The cars were essential. All in all a great trip we will work with you again.

Tom Polucci
Yonkers, NY

We had a great time, Kevin. I've never travelled someplace warm during the winter. Why? Who knows... but I'm hooked. Tom and I would like to use your services in the future for sure. You made it easy.

Jamie Mattingly
Yonkers, NY

My wife and recently returned from a trip to NYC that Kevin arranged.  Kevin attended to every detail of our trip.  He consulted with my wife and I about our likes and wishes and planned the perfect itinerary. Kevin has also planned our trips to Rome, Paris, Atlantis, and Miami. We had the best trip of our lives all because of Kevin and his attention to detail.  He was never more than a text or call away.  We enthusiastically recommend Kevin to anyone wanting the perfect trip!

Steven Thomson 
West Salem, IL

This was our first time working with a travel consultant. It was fun, easy and very helpful. Knowing that a professional found the best rates and most convenient transportation, and having access to his experiences at our destination, gave us confidence that we were taking full advantage of our time away.

David Komerofsky and Ronit Sherwin
San Antonio, TX
After their honeymoon to Laguna Beach, CA

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Kevin is awesome! We are in the process of planning/booking our honeymoon and Kevin has been indispensable. I'm certain we will retain his services in the future as well. His expertise more than pays for itself when you consider time, frustration and travel costs.

Alex Costa
Boca Raton, FL


Thank you for all your work on this last two week trip.  I was amazed how helpful it was to have a travel consultant on hand to “run interference” when needed.  You’ve spoiled me and I’m not sure I’ll be able to travel without a consultant in the future!

Seattle, WA

Kevin has been great to work with for our family trip plans. He asked us our preferences of trips, interests, and activities that we wanted to participate in and gave us some wonderful options. This is not work we could have done on our own. He is able to work with large groups all the way down to a family trip for four. We were very impressed with his work ethic and knowledge.

Scott Conrad
Burnsville, MN

Amy in South Africa

It was great to have someone to add their perspective (and expertise) when it came to sorting out the details to make good decisions. You were an invaluable resource when there were some problems while I was traveling and it was a huge relief to know you were in contact with the tour company trying to sort out a solution.

Amy Cohen
St. Louis, MO
After her trip to Madagascar

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Susan in Switzerland

I can't wait to be hiking the Jungfrau mountain (ok, walking around the lake) very soon. Practicing my yodeling and working out so I can have at least one mass of beer (ok, maybe two) and eat pretzels half the size of Jack (according to him). This trip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland would not be happening without the AMAZING Kevin Dern. I did not have to book one major aspect of this trip and his price was beyond reasonable. We would be having a staycation if it were in my overcommitted hands. Now to try and pack light...


I will never travel abroad without Kevin! When we were boarding the plane we joked that it would be great to have a hologram of Kevin with us. It was amazing how he texted us in each new city to make sure everything was ok and to make sure we knew our gate changed. I knew if I had to organize the event myself I would have spent way too much time researching and not making final decisions.

Susan Werremeyer
St. Louis, MO
After her trip to Germany and Switzerland

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Monique and her partner in Paris

Kevin Dern is by far the most amazing and attentive travel consultant around. He is so detail orientated and makes sure your trip is perfect. I've had the pleasure of being on trips he's planned for 20 years or so and now he's planning a whopper trip for my family this summer. He's very reasonable plus he shops for deals for hotels etc. If you're planning a trip, contact him. No he's not a family member and hasn't solicited this review, I am just so pleased with his services that I want to pass him on to all of my friends. You won't be disappointed. It's worth the call. (2013)


I couldn't have planned a special trip like this myself. Safety was my number one concern when it came to my girls. A great experience was also important due to the nature of this particular trip. Kevin was amazing - he had excellent ideas on what to see, where to go and how to get there. Kevin put his heart into my trip - he contacted me quite frequently with ideas as he was planning my trip and thought of things I hadn't even thought about. I felt like I had a best friend at my side. I felt that Kevin considered this trip as important for him as it was for me. (2014)

Monique Allan
Phoenix, Arizona
After her trip to Paris and London

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Jon Voegele.jpg

I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Dern in several capacities for approximately 10 years. Kevin’s creativity and world-wide travel connections can deliver a highly-personalized experience that will be remembered for life. Along with his caring personality and high level of integrity, the customer always comes first.

Whether you are planning personal travel, business travel, or a trip for a small group or a large organization, Kevin Dern has the capabilities to handle all of your travel needs. You will receive quality advice from a professional travel consultant who consistently strives toward the highest levels of excellence. Kevin is committed to creating a win-win environment for all stakeholders.

When you engage Kevin to plan that perfect corporate travel experience, you should know that Kevin is exceptional at working with hotels. He will not only make sure your guests receive a first-class experience, he will do it by giving you the best value for your dollar. He handles all the behind the scenes details so you can spend your time with your guests.

I would recommend Kevin Dern for all of your travel needs. He takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work, with no detail too small. The advice you receive will make you feel like you have your own personal concierge on the trip with you.

Jon Voegele 
Bloomington, IL

Jill Douglass.jpg

Whether traveling abroad or stateside, when I think travel I immediately think Kevin Dern. He has helped me on numerous trips with airlines, hotels, connections, restaurants, and entertainment.  I can always count on Kevin to handle all logistics with flawless execution. His knowledge of the best places to go and the best sights to see always ensures that my husband and I have a great travel experience. He has helped us create many special lasting memories.

We know we can rely on Kevin both on- and off-site to be available when we need him. He is a wonderful travel professional and I would highly recommend him. I always say,  I never want to leave home without Kevin!  

Jill Douglass
Las Vegas, NV 


My job has allowed Cathy and I to travel around the world. Kevin Dern has been with us every step of the way. His attention to the smallest of details has made all of our trips perfect in every way.

Having Kevin's presence overseas is a warm and comforting feeling. We always know he will keep us in a safe and friendly environment. He always gets us in the right places at the right time.

Cathy and I hope to take several more exciting trips with Kevin in the future and he remains our go-to man.

Feel free to contact me anytime at martin.duffy@countryfinancial.com to discuss Kevin and his wonderful service.

Martin Duffy
Ridgeway, IL

Christine McDonald.jpg

I would like to express my satisfaction and gratitude to Kevin Dern. I have traveled “around the world,” so to speak, with Kevin, including locations such as Rome, Paris, New York, Montana, Missouri, and more. Kevin has always been an utmost professional in his role, and has consistently gone out of his way to make sure that each of his guests having the absolute best experience. Kevin is well-organized, extremely knowledgeable and helpful with each location that we have traveled to, and an extremely valued travel resource. Each of the trips was run flawlessly, including such events as dinner at the Vatican Museum to tours of Claude Monet’s home, and making sure that we had great tour guides,  local concierge service, and options of outside activities to further enhance our experience.

Thank you, Kevin, for making each trip the best it could be!

Christine McDonald
Longmont, CO


I have had numerous opportunities to work with Kevin Dern with travel plans throughout the world and he has always exemplified excellence when travel services have been needed.

When using Kevin’s services he has always shown ownership from the start of my travel plans to the end and has always taken care of any glitches in between. As all of us who travel know what a nightmare it can be when the airlines take things upon themselves to make our travels miserable (like changing flights at the last minute or changing seats) but Kevin has always been there to rectify situations in an expeditious matter. The accommodations when traveling have always met or exceeded expectations.

I would always recommend Kevin when traveling because he makes traveling easy for my wife and myself wherever we are traveling either in the states or abroad. 

Peter Minus
Wheaton, IL

Debbie 2.png

Kevin Dern arranged our family's vacations for the last two summers. He arranged individual travel plans, vacation home rental, activities, transportation, and restaurant reservations.  He made sure that we had lots of options to be enjoyed by all ages rain or shine.

Kevin took the time to get to know our family so that he could tailor a vacation just for us.  What a pleasure to relax, not stress, and enjoy our time away with our family because Kevin made sure all went smoothly for us! I wouldn't plan a trip, short or long, without Kevin's expertise and guidance!  (2013)


Thank you for your hard work and effort to make our NYC trip successful. The airline flights that you suggested and booked for us were scheduled perfectly for our needs. We LOVED the restaurants that you chose for us! The car service was reliable and pleasant. We were impressed with your attention to detail and your recognition of what was “just right” for us. Your steady hand, always a text message or phone call away, made our trip worry-free and enjoyable. Going forward, we can’t imagine planning a trip without your help. Thank you again. (2014) 

Deborah Glass
Beachwood, OH
After her trip to New York City


I have always enjoyed working with Kevin, he treats you like you are the most important person on the trip.  He always goes above and beyond to assist in helping me to plan activities and always recommends places that I can entertain my agency.

In my many years of working with Kevin, he has always made me look good by selecting sights that are reasonable in price but they always seem to be very accommodating to my reps and their families.

I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone!!  Kevin is the very best at going the “Extra Mile” to make sure his clients are totally satisfied with their experience. 

Bill Wills
Bloomington, IL

Jim Van Ham.jpg

I know by personally working with you over the past decade that you are a true professional who always provides a fantastic experience for those of us lucky enough to work with you. I have had many travel “surprises” over the years, and no matter what hour of the day or night, you have always been there for us. I wish you tremendous success.

Jim Van Ham
Lisle, IL

Kevin is the travel expert I would recommend to anyone wanting a first class travel experience. He has the knowledge and energy to competently handle all of your travel needs down to the very finest details.

Kevin’s professionalism lends to an extremely efficient and hassle free trip for his clients. Kevin has many top of the line connections to facilitate his client’s travels. More importantly, he continues to search out new and exciting information in the industry. Kevin stays current with all the travel apps and assists his clients in navigating through all the information.

Having worked directly with Kevin on several programs, I can give first hand acknowledgement on his fantastic service. He is professional, caring motivated, detail orientated and calm under pressure. You cannot ask to  be in better hands when choosing Kevin as your travel consultant.

Kathleen Seibert
Ritz Carlton Hotel
Phoenix, AZ


I worked with Kevin on planning two family vacations. Simply put, working with Kevin was a great experience. He was so proactive and organized. He always took the initiative to "go the extra mile" and he always completed the details of the travel planning process in a very timely manner. I was so impressed by how thorough his information gathering was. 

Kevin has great ideas and considers all aspects of the trip to ensure that it will be a success for all parties involved - young and old alike. He found interesting and unique activities for us to do including a Wildlife Safari where the animals come right up to your car. Our family is still talking about it! He is a true travel professional and anyone who chooses him as their travel consultant will have a travel experience of a lifetime. 

Abigail Silverman 
Cleveland, OH


I would like to take a minute to thank you for organizing and planning our company sales incentive trips. I do not know if you realize the impact you have on our sales team and how much everyone enjoys partnering with you. The experience that you provide our team is second to none.

You have led us to destinations all over the world making these trips a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is not one detail that is overlooked from the time we get to the airport until we return. That is what separates you and your team from everyone else.  You are a true business partner and help drive production. I would never think of the unique destinations and all of the activities that make incentive trips so special. 

I would strongly encourage your clients and prospects to give you the opportunity to “Wow” their teams the way you have done for us.  It will only take one time!

Thank you for your leadership.

Joe Gergely
Joliet, IL


Amazing to work with, you can relax knowing that Kevin will take care of every detail.

Robin Albach
Ritz Carlton Hotel
St. Louis, MO


I worked with Kevin Dern on a group of 700 guests in May 2013 in Paris, France. Kevin was in charge of the ground operations and I truly like to work with him. Always calm and positive (even in the middle of the storm).  He knows what he wants and will get it straight with the full respect of people he has to work with.

Working on an event abroad is all about relationships and Kevin Dern was always prompt in responding any questions and proactive in offering different suggestions. The ground operations were basically flawless.

He took care of all issues, changes, requests very quickly and always with a smile and a coffee :)

His communication on-site was consistent, quick, and thorough.

It will always be a pleasure to work with Kevin and I do hope to have this pleasure again in the near future.

Nadia Moutia
Paris, France


Kevin Dern is a true professional meeting planner. He is always striving for the best for his clients to create a flawless and successful program. The pre-event planning is always clear, concise, and detailed. Kevin wants all guests to have memorable experiences. 

As a venue we know Kevin’s expectation, which is to offer exceptional world class service to our guests. He is truly an extension of the venue and the companies he works with.
Alichka Jarrett
Meetings and Special Events Manager 
St. Louis, MO

I have worked with Kevin Dern for many years. His attention to detail and creative ideas make his events flow effortlessly. Kevin is a joy to work with!

Deanna Bohbrink
Bloomington, IL


Super time provided by Kevin and his fantastic group in San Diego this past week. Have been on several trips arranged by Kevin and each time the planning and details are awesome. Congrats on your venture in travel. Can't wait to arrange our next adventure with you!!

Nancy Edwards
Shelbyville, KY