Group Travel Management

Planning travel for a group presents unique challenges that require professional management. Elements that may be easy to arrange for 2 or 4 people become more complicated with larger groups... including airline tickets, ground transportation, hotels and cruises, tours, and more. 

Corporate board meetings / board retreats
Corporate incentive groups
Business meetings
Donor trips for non-profit organizations
Vacations for large families or friends
Cruise groups

The decisions to be made when planning a trip for a group can be complicated and overwhelming. For example: Will you be able to find taxis for 20 people when you arrive at the airport or will you need a minibus? Where can you get a dinner reservation for 20 people before a Broadway show? Will there be enough time at airport for you to make your connection considering you have a handful of children in your group? Is it better to arrange a private tour or join an existing group tour of the city? How many buffets do you need for a breakfast for 100 people? Do you need a AV technician to be onsite during your entire event or just for the morning to get things set up? Which attractions do we need tickets in advance for? For questions like these - and hundreds more - I am there for my clients to advise, research, and make recommendations. 

I've planned successful trips for groups of all sizes (24 to 2000 people) for over a decade and have the skills, experience, and industry contacts around the world to ensure that your trip is well planned and operates smoothly. This includes selecting a destination and hotel, managing the budget, deposits and payments, researching and booking airline tickets, negotiating group rates, arranging ground transportation at your destination, arranging group events (tours, guides, dinners, etc.), and house or villa rentals. I am able to visualize, plan and manage the many elements of a complicated program, fitting together all the pieces with an attention to detail, and then seeing the program through to a successful operation. 

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