Booking fee: I charge a booking fee for travel planning and consultation. This starts at $100 and goes up from there depending on the complexity of the trip and amount of research required. The booking fee will cover any and all work that I to help plan your trip, including support while you travel. After talking with you to get an idea of the trip you have in mind and how complicated it will be, I will quote a booking fee. The booking fee will not change unless the trip becomes more complicated due to changes or additional elements from you. 

Commission: I receive a commission from hotels and some cruise lines. A percentage of this goes to my host agency and a portion to me. The commission is fully funded by the hotel or cruise line and does not increase your cost.

Airline tickets: In addition to the booking fee, I charge a fee of $____ per person for airline tickets. Most of this is a fee that I pay to my host agency. Most airlines no longer pay a commission to travel agents, so this helps to cover my time for these bookings.

Hotel-only bookings: If you are staying at a luxury hotel or cruise line (Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, etc.) and would like to receive the perks of being a Virtuoso guest, I would be happy to make the booking for you. If no additional consulting or research is necessary, the fee would be $50 per room or cabin.