Self Service Virtuoso Hotel Booking Link

If you book your own hotels and are not getting free perks, check this out: You may have heard of Virtuoso, a network of high end hotels and select travel agents. If you book a Virtuoso hotel through a Virtuoso agent (like me), you get exclusive perks: typically $100 hotel credit, a possible room upgrade, and daily breakfast for two. Basically you're VIP'ed. So here's the news - now you can book Virtuoso hotels on your own and get all the same perks as if I booked it for you. Use the link below to research and book hotels anywhere around the world. Bookings through this link are assigned and credited to me, so I'm happy to provide support if needed. Please bookmark it and use it anytime you travel. Consider sharing this link too. And of course - if you need additional help planning your trip, I'm here for you!

Here's the booking link.