Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan

One of my clients, Amy Cohen - one of the most adventurous travelers I know -  just returned from a 28 day solo trip to Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. This region, located at the border of Asia and Europe, is known as the Caucasus (pronounced CAW-kuss-is, named after the Caucasus Mountains). All three countries were part of the Soviet Union and are now independent. The largest cities in each country are fairly large cities, even by American standards:

Yerevan, Armenia - population 1 million
Tbilisi, Georgia - population 1.4 million
Baku, Azerbaijan - population 4 million

Amy visited all three, plus towns, churches, synagogues, mosques, nature sites, and more throughout the countryside and mountains. Although most travel itineraries for this region are 7-10 days, Amy's extended time there allowed her to see much more than the typical traveler. This was a fun project for me to work on because these were all new destinations for me. They were new to her also, which is why she asked me for assistance with the arrangements. I very much enjoyed seeing her photos and asked if I could share a few of them here.