Cruise Research Made Easy

The 1070 passenger Crystal Serenity in Venice.

Researching a cruise can be overwhelming - even if you know when and where you want to go, there are at least a dozen cruise lines and hundreds of itineraries to choose from. It's hard to even know when you're comparing apples to apples because fares on each cruise line don't always include the same elements: air, gratuities, alcohol, excursions, etc may or may not be included.

That's part of the work I do for my clients... I ask a lot of questions to understand what they're looking for and then bring them only the options that make sense. One of the details I'm particularly proud of is how I take information that is presented differently on each cruise website (ship details, costs, itinerary, etc.) and present them side by side in an organized layout, making it much easier to compare. 

Here's an example: a client wanted a 10 day European cruise and gave me a price and date range. I looked at all sailings over their dates - 217 cruises - and narrowed them down to 16 options that met their criteria. For each option, I looked at not only base fare for their preferred cabin type, but also the costs of elements that are not included in the base fare. My goal was to present an estimated total cost per person so my client could compare apples to apples. I sent this document along with a overview of each of the 16 itineraries.

At this point the client was able to narrow it down to six cruises. I find it can be confusing to compare itineraries from different cruise lines, on different websites, in different formats, so I put them side by side in one document. I think this makes it much easier to see the difference between each sailing. 

Oceania, Silversea, Azamara, and Crystal are all top luxury cruise lines so I feel confident that they'll have a great experience on any one of them. 

One of my favorite things to do with a client is to take a trip that feels overwhelming and messy and help make it clear and easy. If you're interested in a trip and are feeling overwhelmed by the options and research, I would be happy to help make the process easier for you. Let's talk!