New York City - Day 2

Can't believe it's almost 5 PM already... the day has flown by. Here was our plan for the day, followed by a report of what we actually ended up doing.

  • Breakfast: Bagel and lox at Brooklyn Bagel (near High Line)
  • The High Line (I've been following the HL development for 8 years now... so excited to finally see it)
  • B&H photo
  • Lunch: Papaya King?
  • Shops to visit:
  • Crumpler
  • Manhattan Portage
  • Paragon Sports
  • Strand Books
  • Muji
  • Several coffees
  • Dinner: Sushi Yasuda (supposed best sushi in NY)
  • Avenue Q (Off-Broadway)
  • Possible drink at Gavensvoort rooftop bar

We started out with an amazing bagel at Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee in Chelsea, then walked through the High Line park for a while before heading to B&H Photo. This place is incredible... it's basically a department store of electronics, mostly photography, but they have samples of almost every product they carry out for you to try. That means hundreds of lenses, cameras, tripods, camera bags, and more. Anything you can think of that is related to photography in any way, they have. Picture about 50 St. Louis camera stores in one, plus a computer store and more all in one building.

It's made even more interesting by the fact that they have an incredible system of moving items around the store with boxes on rolling conveyer belts all over the place. You go to the cashier with your receipt, pay, and then pick up your items which are already packed and bagged for you. Oh... and it is owned and run by Orthodox Jews, all wearing Kipot.

Rachel's gift to me was a contribution towards anything I want at B&H (what a great wife!!) and after looking at a few different lenses and researching extensively, I picked a new Sigma basic zoom lens with a fast aperture (fixed 2.8) which I am very excited about.

Then we headed to SOHO where we picked up a couple hot dogs on the street and then did some browsing in Bloomingdale's, Manhattan Portage and a couple boutiques. We also stopped at a little pastry shop for a coffee, peanut butter cupcake and a slice of chocolate chip banana nutella cake.

After convincing a taxi driver that we were going far enough to make it worth his while to pick us up, we came back to our hotel to rest a bit before going out tonight,

Tonight's plans: sushi, Ave Q and a drink at a rooftop bar.

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