New York City - Day 3

This is our second full day in New York.  We're having a great time... right now I'm sitting in the lobby of the James Hotel with a coffee watching people come in and out and checking a few sites while Rachel gets up and dressed.

Sushi Yasuda

Last night we went to Sushi Yasuda, which is rated on Yelp as the best sushi in NY. I don't agree... the atmosphere was lovely and the service was fantastic, but I thought the sushi was way overpriced and not incredible. The fish itself was good, but the rolls were strange - the fish was minced inside each roll - and the pieces of sushi were tiny. It was a fun experience though... and I also enjoyed the Nathan's hot dog I had 10 minutes later.

For breakfast this morning I was trying to decide between two places I've never been before: Bubby's , a casual, local favorite, and Balthazar, a French brasserie considered one of the best restaurants in the area. I chose Balthazar - we can have good pancakes anywhere, but a busy brasserie for breakfast is something you can't do in St. Louis.

Today's morning plan: Paragon Sports near Union Square (for messenger bags and sports bras - guess who is shopping for each?), exploring the Union Square area a bit, and lunch at Shake Shack - something we've been looking forward to as a highlight of our visit.

The afternoon and dinner are unplanned so far.