Italy - Day 9 (Bologna)

I'm sitting in a small coffeeshop around the corner from our hotel... Just finished a cappuccino, a pastry and an espresso. Just waking up... watching all the locals stop in for coffee on their way to work. At least 50 people must have come in and out in the 45 minutes I've been sitting here. Most have their coffee and pastry standing up at the counter, a few sit down to talk to friends or read the paper. No one has a laptop... it's a very different experience than in the US. Everyone seems to be getting just caffe (espresso) or cappuccino. No giant lattes like in the US.

We are really enjoying Bologna... It feels so real to me... very few tourists, most people speak no English, prices about 30% lower than Rome or Tuscany. Not many "attractions", but when there is one we want to see, we just walk in... No lines, usually no fee.

The food is fabulous. There's a small section of town where there are a bunch of food shops... Cheese, pasta, tortellini, bread, salumerias, plus the famous Tamburini market. I'm looking forward to visiting, tasting and photographing later today.

We may leave here early and go to Milan for our last couple days if I can work out the details.

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Newsstand in Bologna